Well Preparation

While quality imaging equipment is a must, it's equally important to achieve conditions within the wellbore that are conducive to imaging. Dry gas or air is the optimal viewing medium, but of course not always an option. Often, it is necessary to displace an optically opaque medium such as oil or mud with one that is transparent. Depending on the requirements, filtered fresh or sea water, brine, high grade diesel or methanol, or even high-density optically transparent gel may be used. Filtering to 5 microns is recommended. Factors such as turbidity and precipitates may also come into play, and we can suggest methods for their mitigation.

Preparation techniques vary between wet and dry gas wells, producing oil wells, injection wells, and geothermal wells. We are well-versed in the techniques for any of the above, and are happy to assist with implementing best practices for achieving good imaging conditions.

Additionally, similar techniques can be employed for imaging where the well would otherwise be too deviated or hot for camera use.