Memory Cameras

Memory cameras, also known as slickline cameras, can operate from a line with no electrical conductors, such as slickline or coil tubing. Before a run, the operator uses a computer to program the camera with a set of parameters for delay, frame rate, and number of images to capture. During the run, the camera is powered by high-temperature batteries, and images are stored in memory within the camera. Upon recovery of the camera, images are downloaded, and they may be annotated with time, depth, and other information.

While memory cameras do not provide a real-time feed, they can save the time, logistical footprint, and expense of bringing an electric line or fiber unit on site to support camera operations. Their small size can also be a great asset. That said, they are better suited to fishing or limited inspections, as opposed to lengthy well surveys.

Downhole Vision serves as an agent for Omega Completion Technology and offers the Omega Mark II:

Outer diameter:1.75" (45mm)
Length:67" (171cm) with centralizer
22" (55cm) without centralizer
Max temperature:284°F (140°C)
Max pressure:7,500psi (52MPa)
Weight:29lbs (13kg) with centralizer
8lbs (4kg) without centralizer
Resolution:640 x 480 x 8 bits
Max number of pictures:1,000