E-Line Cameras

Electric line (also called e-line or wireline) cameras operate from a wireline containing electrical conductors. Our cameras work on most coaxial (mono) or multiconductor cable. During a run, live images are sent from the tool at a rate on the order of one image per second. This allows the user to guide the operation in real time, adjusting position, lighting, and fluid conditions to obtain optimal image quality. Images may be annotated with time, depth, and other information.

Unique to Downhole Vision's e-line cameras is the ability to buffer up to 30 seconds of full-framerate (30 fps) video in the tool. These images are then transmitted to the surface at the "normal" rate of ~1 image per second, but the result is a 30 second video clip of conditions downhole. This feature allows the Insight camera to be deployed for inspections where a fiber system previously would have been the only option.

Other advanced features of the tool:

  • Variable transmission bandwidth copes with exceedingly long line lengths and electrically hostile conditions
  • Bi-directional communications allow the tool to be controlled from the surface
  • A digital telemetry channel transmits auxiliary sensor data

Downhole Vision's Insight Down-View system has the following specifications:

Outer diameter:1-11/16" (43mm)
Length:99" (251cm) with inline centralizer
61.5" (156cm) without inline centralizer
Max temperature:275°F (135°C)
Max pressure:10,000psi (69MPa)
Tool string weight:31lbs (14kg) with centralizer

Other configurations include:

  • Side-view
  • High pressure (15kpsi with 1.75" OD)
  • High temperature (350°F / 175°C)